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   About 7Land

I'm a producer/editor or "preditor" as industry labels go.  I create films - some long, some short, broadcast, corporate and industrial genres. Many projects solo others require a small team of dedicated professionals. No matter the project or level of staffing, I always offer the audience new-information, insight and inspiration.

I enjoy the challenge of moving an audience, shifting emotional space to make the viewing experience memorable allowing me to pursue incredible storylines, themes and concepts using a myriad of editing techniques.

I've been fortunate to work with great companies offering outstanding products and services. From the heat seeking ability of infrared, communications and electronic manufacturing, retail sales, heavy-industry, agriculture, along with a multitude of others.

Client conceptual or my own work, I dedicate myself to every project I work on, no matter format, genre or length.

I'm John Webb, I tell important stories together let's tell yours.

Landline - (818) 643-1758  or email

Release: July 17, 2018
Official - halflifeofgenius.com
Genre: Documentary
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures
Territory: Global


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Marketing / Communications teams are faced with the daunting challenge of rising above the noise floor and providing levels of visual marketing that are now nearing broadcast and/or feature production quality. It's everywhere - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, all the popular social media venues. The heady days when organic reach was bountiful and brands flourished with a static image with a logo attached are long-gone.  Nowadays, the consumer wants to learn something new, be entertained, welcome a chuckle or pass on a meme. Short video clips, webpage stories, print, broadcast advertising all excellent options to promote and protect your valuable brand.

Our services and solutions -
- Broadcast TV spots - writing, producing, directing
- Social media square video format or 16:9 (or both) as required by client
- Event promotion via social and webstory outreach
- Event coverage (big or small) with event wrap and summary video options.
- Event signage - opens, bumps and bridges. (welcome to event videos)
- Sales, product feature, unboxing and usage sample videos
- Product comparison videos
- Consumer/ambassador videos and webstories
- Point-of-Purchase interactive kiosks for tradeshow, professional and retail locations
- Tradeshow loops, signage & interactive sales kiosks (Ipad and Android)
- Basic to semi-advanced informational HTML sites & webstories (CMS via Webflow soon!) 
- Video shot on Sony, Red, ARRI and other high-end cameras.
- Post-Production utilizing industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud
- Drone, slider, jib-arm and other camera motion options available
- Multi-camera event coverage with live-streaming available.


Our self-produced, feature-length documentaries, entertain, educate and endure. Unique stories that push boundaries in controversial subjects and focuses on leading biographical, political, historic places and events.  We’re proud of offering leading experts offering new perspectives and information for our viewing audience.  

Our current film "The Half-Life of Genius" is available at leading retail, educational and VOD outlets beginning summer 2018. The film sheds new light on the early atomic age and Dr. Raemer Schreiber who assembled the world’s first nuclear weapons and developed rocket engines capable of putting humans on Mars in the early 1980s.  The independent film represents thousands of hours of labor and extensive financial backing by 7LE, it’s partners and contractors.  It sold to industry leading Gravitas Ventures (CA) in fall of 2017 timed to the anniversary of the 75th anniversary of the dawn of the atomic age in Los Alamos, New Mexico and also premiering in the town's lone theater.

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VIP's - Taylor Wilson, Sara Schreiber, Ben Saunders, Kurt Harms, Carl Wilis, John Coster-Mullen (myself and wife @ center)
Photos courtesy - Carl Willis © 2018.

Looking ahead embarking on a number of fascinating topics and stories. From the frozen barren landscape of northern Canada during the Cold War, the dangers lurking deep underground unfolding as we explore the societal, risk and the business of mining for gold in the early 20th century.   From “America’s Heartbeat” - a radio station on the chopping block and then a 180 degree turn to the evolution of our political mind and how it influences the world around us.  

Want to hear more about what’s on the table in the $100,000 to $4,000.000 range?  Theatrical, VOD, branded content options? Social media - “mini-docs” under ten minutes?  

7Land Entertainment NDA Link
7Land Entertainment
Attn: business
PO BOX 245
Amity, OR 97101

The entertainment industry provides a creative and important way to express your personality, create a lasting legacy - share experience, knowledge, insight to a media hungry world.  Stories that motivate, inspire and point the way to a brighter future.  Want to join in the fun?  Sign an NDA, a letter of interest/related experience if any, a basic statement of  net-worth via the snail mail address provided above, we suggest signed return receipt. We’ll return under signed cover via USPS our conceptual catalog, link and access to our investor area on this website, blog and other resources for our valued partners as we tell new stories and explore new ideas.

Production & Post

We offer production and post-production services for our valued clients.

7LE, maintains industry standard Sony 4K cameras including  NX-80's and the venerable FS7 and FS5 cameras with multiple lens options, with myself,  broadcast experienced DP's and/or ENG style reality shooters at the helm, I've worked with all of these guys and attest they create beautiful work not only cinematically, but technically as well.

Todd Nash - Producer/Director/DP - IMDb

Danny Rowland - Producer/Director/DP - IMDb

Milan Spasic -  Producer/Director/DP - Web

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I offer extensive experience using infrared/thermal camera technology to capture night, sport and thermal analysis media. Infrared cameras provides a stunning look at the world around us in a variety of standard and custom LUT's.

We have extensive experience in SWIR, MWIR, LWIR in both cooled and uncooled Microbolometer models from major manufacturers including - FLIR, Fluke and  Seek.  

I've output I/R to video in a number of high-demand "Learn to Burn" fire-fighting professional training settings, as well as, multi-camera side-by-side comparisons with up to 16 cameras at once. With infrared now going mainstream and prices of uncooled cores continuing to drop, we'll see new and innovative ways thermal imaging is put to use in the coming years.

Thermal acquisition, HD, 4K, 5K and up, none of this is useful without a solid grip/light compliment so we offer flexible jib, slider and multiple lighting options for basic to advanced interview and production setups easy and affordable.

On the post-production side, meeting outlet deliverables for any completed film or broadcast project can seem daunting. Video and audio standards, framerate, color correction/grade and a myriad of details compose a proper online video process.

Offering a number of services that take the guesswork out creating deliverables including: 

- Online video conforms to 5K / finishing services
- Creation of broadcast master files
- Low-res screening options with/without timecode burn-in
- Fonts, lower 3rds, open/credit sequences
- Title and dialog localization (if required)
- Promotional trailer(s)
- Mix-minus stem audio for localization
- Closed Captioning
- Mastering, video noise reduction, color-correction with masked secondaries if needed (faces)
- Effects pipeline integration for green screen and or compositing intensive productions
- 2D and 3D animation for opens, closes, bumps/bridges and interstitial graphics
- Billing Blocks
- Screening Links
- Film and broadcast LLC formation
- Copyright acquisition (US and abroad) 
- Title Search (US and abroad)
- Transcription services
- Font and music cue reports
- Errors and Omissions Insurance
- Metadata (title, logline, short and long synopsis, etc)
- Key Art (design and consulting)
- Press Kit
- Sales One Sheet

We use industry standard software solutions from:

Adobe Creative Cloud / Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop, etc.
Apple Final Cut Pro / Apple Motion
16mm & 8mm Film Scanning - Moviestuff Universal HD (2K on request) broadcast capable
BlackMagic Resolve/Fusion
Blender 3D
Cinema 4D
Webflow (SAAS) 
Basecamp (SAAS)
Google Docs (SAAS) and MS for productivity