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   About 7Land

I'm a native Oregonian producer/editor that got my start in pioneering programming for youth and sport genres.  Today, I create films - some long, some short, VOD/OTT, broadcast, brand, and industrial genres.

Many projects solo others require a small team of dedicated professionals.  No matter the project or level of staffing, I always offer the audience new information, insight and inspiration.

Very fortunate to work with companies and non-profits offering outstanding products, services. From the heat seeking ability of infrared, communications and electronic manufacturing, retail sales, heavy-industry, agriculture, along with a multitude of others.

Client conceptual or my own creative, I dedicate myself to every project I work on, no matter format, genre or length. I'm here to help you message your valuable audience in innovative and interesting ways. Let's get started! 

Landline - (818) 643-1758  or email

Release: July 17, 2018
Official - halflifeofgenius.com
Genre: Documentary
Distributor: Gravitas Ventures
Territory: Global
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Business services including -

- Funding , Pitch and Start-up Media

- Innovation at Work

- Diversity / Inclusion
- Social Awareness / Public Service
- Social media videos
- Talent Acquisition
 and Employee Support
- Corporate directives and culture
- Image Branding and social engagement 3.1
- Learning & Development
- Sales, product feature, unboxing and usage samples
- Event promotion with social/webstory outreach
- Event coverage with event wrap and summary video options.
- Event/Trade show signage - opens, bumps and bridges.
- Product comparison unboxing and user experience
- Consumer/ambassador videos and web stories
- POP/interactive kiosks for show and retail locations
- Informational HTML5 sites & Web Stories (CMS via Webflow spring 2019)
- Interactive sales kiosks (Ipad and Android)

Broadcast / OTT Services -
- Broadcast/OTT  spots - writing, producing, directing
- Editorial and production presented globally (over 130 countries)
- tVOD/sVOD under Apple, Prime, Tubi, MS, among others.
- Proven IMdB record.
- Video shot on Sony, Red, ARRI and other high-end cameras at Netflix specs.
- Web, Youtube, broadcast with Sony PXW-NX90V with full rigs
- Post-Production utilizing industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud
- LTO for archive and network delivery.
- Fixed and portable editorial solutions.
- Multi-camera event coverage with live-streaming availabled (NX 90 / live stream QOC available)
- Drone, slider, jib-arm and other "cinematic"  camera motion options available,


Our self-produced, feature-length documentaries, entertain, educate and endure. Unique stories that push boundaries and focus on leading biographical, political, historic places and events.  We’re proud of offering leading experts offering new perspectives and information for our viewing audience.  

Our current film "The Half-Life of Genius" is available at leading retail, educational and VOD outlets beginning summer 2018. The film sheds new light on the early atomic age and Dr. Raemer Schreiber who assembled the world’s first nuclear weapons and developed rocket engines capable of putting humans on Mars in the early 1980s.  The independent film represents thousands of hours of labor and extensive financial backing by 7LE, it’s partners and contractors.  It sold to industry leading Gravitas Ventures (CA) in fall of 2017 timed to the anniversary of the 75th anniversary of the dawn of the atomic age in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

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VIP's - Taylor Wilson, Sara Schreiber, Ben Saunders, Kurt Harms, Carl Wilis, John Coster-Mullen (myself and wife @ center)
Photos courtesy - Carl Willis © 2018.
Business Development:
NDA Link
7Land Entertainment
PO BOX 245
Amity, OR 97101

Production & Post

We offer cost-effective production and post-production options for our valued clients.

In-house Sony 4K options include:  FS5, Z100, NX30/80 with either myself or staff as director/shooter.

Recommended freelancers I've worked with extensively -

Todd Nash - Producer/Director/DP - IMDb

Milan Spasic -  Producer/Director/DP - Web

Meeting post-production deliverables for broadcast, theatrical or VOD/OTT is often a challenging task for filmmakers of all sizes. We offer a number of services that take the guesswork out creating  deliverables including: 

- Online video conforms to 5K / finishing services
- Creation of broadcast master files
- Low-res screening options with/without timecode burn-in
- Fonts, lower 3rds, open/credits
- Title and dialog localization (if required)
- Promotional Trailer and marketing media
- Behind-the-Scenes / additional supporting content
- Mix-minus stem audio for localization
- Effects pipeline (Adobe and/or Resolve) for green screen and or composite intensive productions
- 2D and 3D animation for opens, closes, bumps/bridges and interstitial graphics
- Creation of billing blocks
- Screening Links
- Film and broadcast LLC formation
- Errors and Omissions Insurance
- Copyright acquisition (US and abroad)
- Closed Captioning  
- Title Search (US and abroad)
- Transcription services
- Font and music cue reports
- Metadata (title, logline, short and long synopsis, etc)
- Key Art (design and consulting)
- Press Kit
- Sales One Sheet

Software solutions:

Adobe Creative Cloud / Premiere, AfterEffects, Photoshop, etc.
Apple Final Cut Pro / Apple Motion
16mm & 8mm Film Scanning - Moviestuff Universal HD (2K on request) broadcast capable
BlackMagic Resolve/Fusion
Blender 3D
Cinema 4D
Webflow (SAAS) 
Basecamp (SAAS)
Google Docs (SAAS) and MS for productivity