Business, Broadcast & VOD storytellers.


We enjoy creating feature-length content that entertains, educates and endures.  Unique stories that push boundries
and focus on unique people, perspectives and points in history.


We offers decades of experience in broadcast sports, history and STEM projects and enjoy the reach and immediacy of broadcast programming.


Broadcast is where it starts for us. We have experience with global outlets, exacting broadcast technical standards and working with tight deadlines and budgets.

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We find short-form work very rewarding.  Putting product, brand and the customer together is more sophisticated then ever. Seeking your products audience and getting them to sales closure is what we're all about.
Documentary Trailer - "Half-Life of Genius" / Distributed by: Gravitas Ventures - all media/worldwide.
Corporate Image - FLIR Systems - "The Cove" / edit and finish
Corporate Image - FLIR Systems - "shooting sports" / shoot, direct, produce, edit, finish
Corporate Image - Casey Anderson / user profile / Infrared Training Center / produce, edit, finish

The Process


Research is at the heart of what we do. Finding out whom our subject or client is and how best to message our target audience.


We tell stories that move, motivate and entertain. No matter production length or genre we put the details in the edit.


Fun tools, fun times, keeping things moving, on message, focused, the right budget and meeting deadlines.


With a myriad of delivery choices we just hit em all: DCP, broadcast, VOD, net, social, HTML5, we maintain rigid broadcast specifications no matter what we output.

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